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Here is my ‘style series’ collaboration with The Grand Social.

The GRAND SOCIAL is a marketplace for Australian and New Zealand designers. They work closely with each of the labels to get their creations online.

When you buy from a designer on the Grand Social you are buying directly from the label because it’s their store. It means that a lot of those hard to find items, one offs and samples that never make it into real stores can find their way onto their site a lot more easily”

I love this concept that you are still supporting the label themselves.


Tee: White long tee by David Attewell

Denim Shirt: Ryder basic denim shirt

Jeans: Jess Boyfriend white by Dricoper

Sunglasses: Kaspers by Local Supply

Hair: Viva La Blonde


Dress: Ann & Albert Miyabi T dress

Sunglasses: Local Supply

Shop my whole outfit plus so many more rad labels online at The Grand Social

Photography by Sam Miles


Love Naomi xx

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