S O U L // W E L L B E I N G


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For the last few months as I’ve scrolled through my instagram feed many people have come up with what looks like brown dirt all over their faces and bodies in the shower and all I kept hearing about was ‘the frank effect’.

Well it came the time that I got the opportunity to experience this so called ‘frank effect!’

Basically there is a body balm and a number of different scrubs all reasonably priced and all targeting different skin conditions. The best thing about Frank is that it is made from all natural sources.

My Personal favourite was the coconut coffee scrub. As soon as you ripped open the bag your senses awoke with the smell of the scrub, I followed the instructions and you couldn’t help but want to take a selfie once you were covered, its fun and good for your skin!. I left it on for 10 mins and after I washed it off I felt the instant change in my skin, just like the feeling you get after you’ve been at a day spa all day for skin treatments but only after 10 mins and for a much cheaper price! My skin is naturally quite dry and I didn’t even feel the need to moisturise. It felt smooth, silky and clean.

One thing I learnt since going through grief was that you need to take time out for yourself more;

“Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells working in unison to safe guard us. Appreciate your body and take time out to nourish, rest & listen intently to its needs”

In winter I am the biggest bath girl, at some point in the weekend when the house is quiet and all the jobs have been done, I’ll run a hot bath, light candles and pour a hot lemon water.

It soothes my body and my soul, just to take the time out for myself and is something I recommend doing as much as you can..and now come winter ill be adding Frank into my weekly bathing routine so my skin can also feel just as goos! It’s a YES from me Frank! Love Naomi X  Buy Frank here!