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I’m feeling like its time to share these photos with you guys. Our totally talented, rad wedding photographers VARGA MURPHY took these of us maybe about 2 weeks before we were suppose to get married. Of course we didnt get married as most of you know who follow me because my dad flew up to heaven and it wasnt the right time for us. Cancelling our wedding 2 days before was and will be one of the worst days of my life but then the worser day followed by the passing of my beautiful father.

It’s taken me awhile to feel excited about our wedding again obviously because Ive been in a time of grief and knowing Dad isint going to be there to walk me down the aisle, to dance with me, to say his speech (he loved to say speeches) , to dance with my mum , to shake Sam’s hand, to enjoy the wedding he tried so hard to be able to be there. But its OK.

Its O.K because Im blessed to have four beautiful men in my 3 big brothers and Sam my to be husband. I’ve asked my eldest brother Aaron to drive in the car to church with me (that dad picked) and walk me down the aisle and when I asked him we both had tears and it was beautiful. And when I walk down that aisle I am walking towards my new life with Sam and I know dad will be with me, there is no way he couldnt be with all the love I know is going to be with me in that church.

As I look at these picture and our little film that VARGA MURPHY made us I am so grateful because it makes me smile and feel happy and bring me back to the happyness I feel being with Sam and knowing that I am going to have this for the rest of my life.

Dad knew everything about our wedding I planned everything with him and my hospital I played him the song I’m going to walk down the aisle too, what we are going to dance too and whats going to play while we cut the cake and he tapped his foot along and said “They are lovely Naomi”. He loved our wedding venue and said “there is no place else where you could marry that would suit you, its all you!” . Mum showed him a picture of me in my dress at my dress fitting and he said “She looks absolutely beautiful” and he doesnt need to shake Sam’s hand at the end of the aisle because he’s already given permission..when Sam sat by my dads hospital bedside and asked him if he could marry me and dad was the first person to see my ring which he said “it is just beautiful, a beautiful diamond” and then Sam proposed on the balcony in dads dream beach home he built us…dad is in everything!! all you have to do is stop and look..He will always be part of this day.

Below are two very special pictures I wanted to share with you guys.  The first is the day we went to Mum and Dad’s to tell them we were engaged and the second is Mum and Dad at our engagement party. Two pictures very special to me now.




So hopefully you havent cried too much in this post as I have writing it!. Please go to the link below to feel happy again as you watch our mini film by Lajos and Ryan from VARGA MURPHY. I cant thank and recommend these boys enough..Sam is camera shy (as he is usually behind it taking all my photos) and both of us felt like we were just hanging out with our friends..Lajos and Ryan’s photography is uniquely beautiful and I cant wait for them to shoot our day. 2 weeks to go!!



Love Naomi xxx


  1. Beautiful! Love that Neo made the family photo. Treasured memories xxx

  2. Beautiful Nay. Crying and crying and crying xxxx

    You guys are going to have the most beautiful, sweet day x

  3. aw totally did cry reading this xx
    Hope you have a wonderful wedding day, can’t wait to see the photos

  4. Fiona Lowell says:

    Beautiful Nay. JK will be with you every step of the way xx

  5. beautiful Naomi xx

  6. Beautiful post nay! You’re a special lady for sure!! Sure your dad is so proud of you watching you from upstairs 🙂 xx

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