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When thinking of somewhere to take photos for this blog post in this beautiful Amilita wrap dress I was drawn back to part of where I grew up. Just a 5 min car drive from Perth City itself is our beautiful Swan River. I was lucky enough to walk by this river and jetty’s every day on my way to school. Theres something about being by our beautiful swan thats calming and peaceful.

This Amilita dress a little sheer is perfect to wear over bathers or how I styled it, layered over a slip top with Crochet Bikini bottoms and a Spell Byron Bay Crochet Coat, add a hat and you have your perfect picnic/sunday outfit. I finished this shoot thinking “I need to come down by the river more often”..

Naomi xx


Dress: Amilita The Label

Crochet Coat & Necklace: Spell Byron Bay

Hat: Lack Of Color

Photography: Sam Miles



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