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As you would know if you follow me on instagram but my personal life the last few months has been pretty tough.

A few months ago I was due to be married but instead I had to postpone my wedding as I lost my dad to Cancer the same month and my life as it was changed forever.

These photos were taken maybe 2 weeks after my dad had gone..we are in Perth’s beautiful south west staying in my parents beautiful beach home, my dads favourite place to be. It was a really hard week being down there for the first time without him. My fiancée encouraged me to start taking photos for the blog again and I had bought this beautiful jumpsuit for the Maldives to wear on our Honeymoon so he said lets go exploring and take some photos.

I didn’t’ feel like being in any photos or getting out of my pjs, but as I have read grief is hard to explain but “it is a feeling which goes to the very core of your being and effects our bodies, minds and spirits”

When I look back at these photos they are almost symbolic to me, I can see that I had changed already and now I have learnt that bereavement changes us all in some way.

I find being near the ocean healing, being still, quiet and breathing in fresh air and hearing the waves lap against the shore.

I read a passage the other day which I see so fitting to this post as I look over the water. Imagine dad was standing with me and holding my hand and I need to let his hand go to cross over the horizon, with tears I let his hand go, he has been honoured and he is safe and I will cross the same horizon when my time comes.

I hope to make small changes to this blog as I myself have changed..I feel I may write more words sometimes and share with you this journey I am on, I feel this blog needs more soul and hopefully to share others stories too.

If anything I hope my words have some comfort for those who have lost.. but don’t worry I will still be wearing cool outfits 😉

Thankyou to my instagram community for all your love, support and words these past few months.

Biggest Thankyou to my fiancée Sam who continues to capture beautiful images and who pushes me to be the best person I can be and continue with this blog..I could do nothing without you and I cant wait to marry you soon.

I will leave you with this quote

“Everything that happens to you has the potential to deepen you” – eight ten ten blog

Love Naomi x x x

Wearing Spell Byron Bay Playsuit & Crochet vest

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